Healthy Biking Bites

bike banana

Biking is a great workout. It helps plenty of people get healthier. Despite this, it is also a difficult workout at times. It is a high calorie-burning activity that also requires the use of many muscles. Therefore, proper nutrition is key when you want to bike ride.

We would all love to just eat some donuts for breakfast and then go out for a ride. While you certainly can do this, you will feel better and ride better if you eat right.

When biking there are specific types of nutrients a rider needs, as well as certain amounts in which they should intake those nutrients. Those who do not eat properly prior to and during rides will experience what bikers call, “bonking”.

“Bonking”, is what bike riders call hypoglycemia. This is abnormally low levels of blood sugar. This occurs when bike riders have not eaten enough carbs to produce enough blood sugar. This will result in physical exhaustion for the entire body and mind (And make your ride miserable).

When bike eating for a bike ride it is important to eat plenty of carbs beforehand (No Bonking!). It is also just as important to drink plenty of water. This means to drink not just when you are thirsty should try to drink and replace your fluids as you sweat.

are the types of nutrition you should intake depending upon your ride length.

  • Short Rides (1 hour or less)- When eating it isn’t a huge concern for a ride this short. A banana is a good energy-filled snack. The important part is drinking a least one bottle of water or an electrolyte filled drink.
  • Medium Rides (About 1 to 3 hours)- For a ride this length carb intake becomes the focus. Eat about 30g to 60g for each hour of riding, depending on the intensity of the ride. For hydration, drink at least 2 full bottles of water or a sports drink.
  • Long Rides (3+ hours)- Fluids and carbs become equally important. Overall you are going to need the same ratio as a medium ride with 30g to 60g of carbs per hour. And at least 2 full bottles of water or a sports drink. It is more important how you consume. Eat more solids at the beginning and switch to less as you ride. Consistently drink throughout without drinking too much to become bloated.

Simple rule of thumb, eat better and ride better.




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